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Who Are the Chosen?

      The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke give an account almost identical to events spoken of in Revelation which imparts a stirring profile of The Chosen.

      Who are they, these Chosen Ones? Depending on the version or translations one uses or is familiar with The Chosen  are the elite, the elect, the  select, the Bride, the Holy Ones, the Bride of Christ. The Chosen, Bride, Holy Ones and Bride of Christ are the one I use.

       Speaking to the group around him Jesus said to them:

                                                  John 15:16

                                                  Jesus said, you did not choose me but i appointed you to on keep bearing fruit

                                                  and that your fruit should remain; In order that no matter what you ask the

                                                  Father in my name he might give it to you. 


 Initially, The Chosen were the 12 disciples. Later, they were known as the Apostles due to their being sent out. (Apostle means sent out.)

These men were taught in the next three to three and a half years to be evangelists of Christianity, the word adopted for the New Covenant which would open up to all the people of the planet, the chance to become a "citizen" of God's Kingdom or government.

From the time of Jesus until the end of The Tribulation, more members of "this class" of people were and are to be gleaned from humanity, to be leaders of honest hearted truth seekers worldwide. Many were added after Jesus's Resurrection in the first hundred years. The Chosen have been and will be selected from the time of Jesus until the beginning of a thousand years that would mark the end of earths's kingdoms and governments and the beginning of God's or literally God's government. With Christ as its highest ruler and the 144,000 (kings and priests) as the governing body (the body of Christ), within these thousand years.These sealed people, even though chosen and sealed like all humanity, are subjected to death. 


In chapter 7 of the book of Revelation. John is made aware of a group of people sealed out of the tribes of Israel. there are 12,000 from each tribe of Israel totaling 144,000. The next time 144,000 is mentioned is Revelation 14:1-4 where some of the qualities of these people is outlined.

Revelation 7:4

And I heard the number of those who were sealed, and sealed out of every tribe of of the sons of Israel.....

The idea about "die and go to Heaven is a carefully contrived falsehood. Scripture does not teach this.Those who do go to Heaven are The Chosen, a select group of leaders.

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