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And both of them continued to be naked, the man and his wife, and yet they did not become ashamed.

Genesis  2:25

Who told you that you were naked? 

Genesis 3:11

Two very abstract words are used the the verses above: naked and ashamed. Early in the account of his creation, the man was involved in naming. the things in his environment. Names meant that he could identify his world and communicate with his Creator, and in the future, his wife and another person or persons but this required the formulation of a functional language. The language would contain abstractions but not nearly as abstract as naked or ashamed.

His wife, Eve, was the first person Adam had to teach this new language. The education process would take time as you might imagine. Time lapses play an important part in understanding Genesis.

The man and woman had to see a clothed individual in order to absorb the difference in their being naked and the other individual being clothed. It would be very difficult to explain the difference without a comparative. They had to be told that they were naked, in a no doubt condescending manner meant to cause embarrassment and shame. That is why the Creator asked, "Who told you that you were naked?"

Scripture tells us that the informant was the Serpent, not a Serpent.

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