The Magi

The Magi or Wisemen, were among those who visited the manger and stable where Jesus was born.

Many non-Scriptural elements have been woven into the account of Jesus's birth, generally accepted as truth and

applied as Scripturally acceptable.These additions were then developed into a major commerical endeavour,

outside Scripture yet tieing into the Scriptural fabric.

Just about everyone knows some the story of Jesus' birth. Caesar Augustus, who ordered all people in his empire

to register. Joseph and Mary traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem to register because Joseph was a descendant

of David. All of the lodging places were filled with others who had come to register.

It is at this point in the story that the first non-Scriptural idea appears. The idea that Joseph and Mary were poor

has no basis in fact. They were inconvenienced, not poor!

Angels appeared to the shepherds to tell them about the birth (Luke 2:15-18) and they came to view the Child. There may have been other people who came but if so, they are not identified.

Eight days later according to custom, the baby Jesus was circumcised. It is not known whether they were still at the that time. According to the laws given to the nation of Israel, a woman giving birth to a son was unclean for 33 days.

                                 Luke 2:22

                                 Also, when the days for purifying them, according to the law of Moses, came to the full, they                                   brought him up to Jerusalem to present him to Jehovah.

                                 Luke 2:39

                                 So when they had carried out all the things according to the law of Jehovah, they went back                                   into Galilee to their own city of Nazareth.

There has still been no mention of the Wisemen having seen the baby, Jesus!

Some extended time later, astrologers (Magi, Wisemen) from the East became aware of what they called a star.

Their calculations led them to Jerusalem (not Bethlehem) in their search. Herod, a Jew, put in his position by Rome, got all bent out of shape. The Magi, were saying that Jesus was born King of the Jews. That was harder to swallow than a dry Alka-Seltzer tablet. The Magi continued to follow the star and ask a number of questions in and around Jerusalem.Ultimately, they found the home of Mary and Joseph and found the baby Jesus. In a dream they were told to return to their land by another route which they did, There is no viable information that there Magi. Where did that come from? Certainly not Scripture!

The point is that the Magi were not present at Jesus' birth! Jesus was not an infant when the Magi came. This is borne out by Herod's tragic slaughter of all children two years and under.

The second chapters of Mathew and Luke give a blow by blow account of the events above plus what little is known about Jesus' early life.